16 Feb

Congress Must Shut Off Alternative Engine Of Joint Strike Fighter

Reaganites: : Cutting Earmarks a Key Electoral Promise

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Citizens for the Republic, national 501 (c) (4) organization today urged the House of Representatives to pass the amendment offered by Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida.

Rep. Rooney’s amendment to the Continuing Resolution to fund government operations would reject funding for the Joint Strike Fighter F136 alternative engine.

“This ridiculous spending controversy shows what is wrong with the Congressional spending process,” said CFTR Executive Vice President Bill Pascoe.

“When GE, the alternative engine manufacturer did not win the bid for the contract, it was rewarded with government subsidies. The Defense Department does not want this engine, however, the political clout of Congress overruled the military personnel who know best the needs of American troops.

“The White House initially backed the Defense Department and promised to veto the bill if it contained funding for the alternative engine. Congress stepped up the political pressure and the White House caved.

“We are proud to join a growing movement to cut earmarks and to live up to the promises that swept Republicans to majority in the House in 2010,” said Mr. Pascoe.


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