02 Jul

McAuliffe Makes a Costly Change to Virginia Welcome Signs; Receive Golden Fleece

VA Governor Terry McAuliffe panders to tourists by replacing traditional VA welcome signs with schmooezy slogan

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Citizens for the Republic today announced that this week’s Golden Fleece Award is presented to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for making an expensive yet worthless change to Virginia interstate welcome signs.

As reported by The Washington Post, McAuliffe has ordered the Virginia Department of Transportation to replace the traditional, much-loved signs displaying “a large cardinal perched on a flowering dogwood” with new signs featuring the chintzy, “Virginia is for Lovers” slogan “at all 105 interstate gateways in the state.” This change, aimed at pandering to tourists rather than serving the citizens of Virginia and constituents of McAuliffe, will cost Virginian taxpayers $350,000. These “Lovers” aren’t feeling so amorous about this.

“Governor McAuliffe seems to be forgetting who he represents,” said Diana Banister, Executive Director of Citizens for the Republic. “In Virginia we’re lovers of liberty! It seems like the governor is more interesting in selling Virginia to out of towers than preserving Virginia’s heritage for its citizens. It’s time he cared more serving Virginians than selling Virginia.”


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