30 Sep

PAC Founded by Reagan: McConnell Should Quit Next


By Greg Richter   |   Tuesday, 29 Sep 2015 04:55 PM

The political action committee founded by Ronald Reagan in 1977 is calling for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to follow House Speaker John Boehner and resign.

Citizens for the Republic on Tuesday called for McConnell to step aside and let a “constitutional conservative” take his place, Breitbart News reports.

“The American people gave Republicans a majority in the Senate last year, but they’ve proven to be completely incompetent in stopping Obama’s radical left-wing agenda,” Executive Director of Citizens for the Republic Diana Banister said in a press release.

“This remarkable lack of action has mystified the American people and resulted in frustration and anger with Washington politicians.”

Banister said, “The lack of leadership along with the back-room deals and caving to special interests must stop. It is time for Mr. McConnell to go the way of Mr. Boehner. America needs new, fresh conservative leadership that will take on the challenges of government and put the needs of the American people first.”


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