16 Dec

“GOP Leadership Goes Native: Joins Liberal, Anti-Conservative, Pro-Corruption Establishment”

Proposes $1,000,000,000,000 + Spending Bill

Today, Speaker Paul Ryan revealed the shocking results of his negotiations with Democrats on a government spending bill. The ‘Tax Extenders” and Omnibus bill, supported by establishment Republican House members will cost more than one Trillion Dollars while caving to Democrats on a number of policies, including subsidies for solar and wind corporations.

“This bill would dramatically grow the size of government while failing to cut spending in any meaningful way. Conservatives worked hard to get Republicans back in control of Congress, specifically to ensure bills like this don’t come to fruition. Yet, the establishment seems hell-bent on betraying us at every turn. No Republican who honestly believes in conservative principles can support this bill,” said Diana Banister, Executive Director of Citizens for the Republic.

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