09 Dec

Government Spends $4.3 Billion Promoting Itself

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Citizens for the Republic today announced that this week’s Golden Fleece Award is presented to the Public Affairs offices of the Federal Government. According to government contract data compiled from USASpending.gov, the U.S. government has spent $4.3 billion over the past seven years to promote itself. The government’s public relations efforts have wasted taxpayers’ money, budgeting an exorbitant amount toward polls and surveys that amount to unnecessary propaganda.

The U.S. government is the second largest public relations firm in the world in terms of the number of employees, spending too much money on salary and bonus payments to federal employees with the job title of “public affairs officer” and to outside public relations contractors. Agencies such as the IRS and Department of State continue to request more funding from Congress each year, squandering it through excessive surveys and polling that manipulate actual public satisfaction with their services and do not enact any real reforms.

“While the government can publicize its affairs for the taxpayers, it does not need to self-promote its agencies since it is not a private company facing market competitors,” said Diana Banister, Executive Director of Citizens for the Republic. “Rather than efficiently spending taxpayer money to improve the quality of their services, and thereby raise public satisfaction, federal agencies continue to add to the country’s deficit in order to cover up past failures.”

The Golden Fleece Award was first established by former Sen. William Proxmire (D-WI) in 1973 to call attention to a government official or agency that egregiously wastes the taxpayers’ money. CFTR announces a new winner each week.


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