24 May

McAuliffe FBI Investigation Latest in 20 Year Legacy of Corruption

VA Governor & Clinton Friend has Extensive History of Selling Access & Skirting Campaign Laws

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Citizens for the Republic, today blasted Terry McAuliffe, Virginia Governor and longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, amid reports of the ongoing FBI investigation against him. The Governor is the subject of a yearlong investigation by the FBI for possibly collecting illegal campaign contributions from the same donor as the Clintons.

Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang and his company, have made prominent donations to the Clinton Foundation and the McAuliffe campaign and in exchange, both the Clintons and McAuliffe gave prominent support to business ventures backed by the organization. These allegations come from a politician with as checkered a history as McAuliffe.

“There is no name in politics more synonymous with corruption than McAuliffe,” said Diana Banister, Executive Director of Citizens for the Republic. “These allegations of foreign national donations are obvious have occurred time and time again including during the Clinton Administration.  Another Clinton Administration would be more of the same by their friend Terry.”

The new allegations come months after McAuliffe was caught on tape trying to bribe a state senator. His reputation in the 90’s for arranging deals for Bill and Hillary Clinton is well-documented including a move that enabled a donation for the Clintons to buy their house in New York, selling access to the Lincoln bedroom in the White House, the cattle futures scheme the results in huge dividends for Mrs. Clinton and the Whitewater situation.

“Wherever McAuliffe and the Clintons go, corruption undoubtedly follows,” said Banister.


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