13 Sep

Press Release: Corrupt FCC Overreach to Push “Politically Correct” Agenda Must be Stopped

Corrupt FCC Overreach to Push “Politically Correct” Agenda Must be Stopped

Federal Control of Video Services Would Consolidate Ultra-Leftist Propaganda Machine

ALEXANDRIA, VA – FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler is moving ahead with a proposal that would create a copyright licensing office within the FCC, replacing the current multi-party structure of negotiations between content producers, distributors, and device manufacturers by making the FCC the sole regulator of the successful and dynamic new video ecosystem.

Government intervention of this kind is represents a brazen push to expand a left wing agenda through control of what Americans are able to watch in their own homes and online,” said Diana Banister, executive director of Citizens for the Republic (CFTR).  “Federal overreach always fails but this proposal is even more sinister. Consolidating all video information and entertainment options into one government agency would be a boon for leftist indoctrination. This is big government run amok, knowing no bounds and cynically throwing public interests to the wind.

The FCC proposal has evolved from earlier attempts to intervene and “unlock” cable set-top boxes by forcing cable companies and Hollywood to make their programming and subscriber data available to any set-top manufacturer. As details of the plan have emerged it has been widely rejected by technical, economic and legal experts and faces bi-partisan opposition in Congress.

“The only reason for the FCC to step in and create a new agency is to save itself from becoming irrelevant in an open marketplace,” said Banister. “The government hates losing its influence and ability to control left wing propaganda. And of course, there are no legal grounds for the FCC to simply create this sort of power for itself out of thin air. This proposal is deplorable, un-American, and must be rejected by Congress, consumers, and the industry it aims to disrupt.”

To schedule an interview with Diana Banister, please contact Brendan Bradley with Shirley & Banister Public Affairs at (703) 739-5920 or bbradley@sbpublicaffairs.com.

Citizens for the Republic (www.CFTR.org) is a conservative 501(C)(4) grass roots lobbying organization dedicated to promoting the ideology and political philosophy of Ronald Reagan. Reagan established the original CFTR in 1977. In 2010, a group of Reagan stalwarts re-launched the organization. Its board includes Chairman Craig Shirley and Director Diana Banister.


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