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20 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/20/2016

Daily Elon Musk News Business ‘Savant’ Andrew Ross Sorkin Gets Elon Musk Very, Very Wrong Actually, Elon Musk isn’t the Tony Stark of anything.  And the only person...

20 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/19/2016

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla Hunting For Spare Change In The Supercharger Sofa Cushions It came out in the news that not only will Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) be charging...

19 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/18/2016

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla’s Subsidy Shuffle: Big Public Costs With No Public Benefit In mid-November, the stockholders of Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) and SolarCity approved a plan to...

17 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/16/2016

Daily Elon Musk News Cut off Elon Musk’s Government Subsidy Gravy Train Wednesday, Leonardo DiCaprio made a visit to Trump Tower. The reason? Selling the incoming administration on...

15 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/15/2016

Daily Elon Musk News NYT reporter swoons over Elon Musk Moreover, Mr. Musk caused a net loss of manufacturing jobs. Suppose the $4.9 billion he wrested from the...

15 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/14/2016

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla Could Lose Lead in Electric Cars to Big Automakers Similarly, the race to produce the world’s first affordable electric car was arguably won...

14 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/13/2016

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla: Where’s The Value? The cherry on the cake is definitely this convoluted attempt by Musk to consolidate his “dreams” with the SolarCity merger....

12 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/12/2016

Daily Elon Musk News Elon Musk seeks more California gold “We don’t have a crystal ball,” Hector De La Torre, an Air Resources Board member, told me. “We...

11 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/11/2016

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla Recalls 7,000 Charging Adapters After Two Overheat Tesla Motors Inc. said it’s voluntarily recalling about 7,000 adapters for electric-vehicle charging after two reports...

09 Dec

Elon Musk News 12/9/2016

Daily Elon Musk News SpaceX customer switches a satellite launch order to European competitor A SpaceX customer has switched to a European competitor for one satellite launch, citing delays...

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