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26 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/25/16

Daily Elon Musk News Insider Selling: Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) Insider Sells 33,430 Shares of Stock Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) insider Jeffrey B. Straubel sold 33,430 shares of...

25 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/24/16

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla Model 3 Extreme Sticker Shock: Expect to Pay $50k for The $35k EV The math is against Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) and the...

24 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/23/16

Daily Elon Musk News Morgan Stanley is starting to show some serious Tesla skepticism Morgan Stanley’s lead auto analyst Adam Jonas cut his price target for Tesla’s stock...

23 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/22/16

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla’s Model 3 Base Price Will Be $15,000 Higher Than Musk Claims Having seen one too many lazy recent media reports touting the upcoming...

22 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/21/16

Daily Elon Musk News Donald Trump and Subsidies: New Wrinkle for Elon Musk’s Tesla-SolarCity Plans Analysts expect the company to post another net loss for this year. The...

18 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/18/16

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla: When “getting There” May Not Be Ideal The bill of materials for lithium ion batteries appears to be rising rapidly – again, but...

17 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/17/16

Daily Elon Musk News SolarCity Could Give Tesla Too Much Sun Election season isn’t over quite yet. The outcome of Tesla Motors’ proposed acquisition of SolarCity will be...

16 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/16/16

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla Motors: Does It Really Understand What It’s Buying in SolarCity? While we previously pegged the odds of Tesla’s proposed merger of SolarCity at a...

15 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/15/16

Daily Elon Musk News Tesla’s stock has had a rough 3 months — and it doesn’t look like things will get better Tesla shares have declined almost 20%...

14 Nov

Elon Musk News 11/14/16

Daily Elon Musk News Another Tesla Crash, What It Teaches Us Tesla crashed on a test drive while AutoPilot engaged. Nobody got hurt. But the minor incident gives...

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