26 Nov


ALEXANDRIA, VA – The death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro brings to an end an ugly, grim chapter in human history. The impact of the Castro dictatorship: the random imprisonment of dissidents, show trials, torture and murder cannot be understated and must never be forgotten.

“Fidel Castro pushed the United States to the brink of nuclear war and presided over a brutal reign of terror at America’s doorstep. We should be thankful this era is over and the United States should pledge to help restore freedom to Cuba,” said Craig Shirley, Chairman of Citizens for the Republic.

President Ronald Reagan summed it up best in a speech to a Cuban Independence Celebration on May 20, 1983 in Miami, Florida:

“About 10 million people still live in Cuba, as compared to about I million Cuban Americans—people with the same traditions and cultural heritage, yet the Cubans in the United States, with only one-tenth the number, produce almost two times the wealth of those they left behind. So, don’t let anyone fool you: What’s happening in Cuba is not a failure of the Cuban people; it’s a failure of Fidel Castro and of communism.

“The Soviet Union with all its military might, with its massive subsidy of the Cuban economy, can’t make the system produce anything but repression and terror.” Citizens for the Republic (www.CFTR.org) is a conservative grass roots lobbying organization dedicated to promoting the ideology and political philosophy of Ronald Reagan. Reagan established the original CFTR in 1977. In 2010, a group of Reagan stalwarts re-launched the organization.

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