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Only Crazy Men Would Give Tax Credits and Subsidies to a Crazy Man

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 19, 2018

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CFTR Calls for Elon Musk to Certify Sanity Before Receiving Any More Corporate Welfare

ALEXANDRIA, VACitizens for the Republic (CFTR) is publicly calling for Elon Musk to undergo rigorous psychological assessments before he receives any more federal tax credits or subsidies for his failing solar panels, automobile and rocket ventures.

We demand that Elon must undergo a full-fledged psychological assessment, and his results should be analyzed by Congress and medical professionals alike if they even consider allotting him more funding. Musk is a danger to his company, his donors, and the American taxpayers. Only crazy men would give tax credits to a crazy man,” a CFTR spokesperson released in a statement today.

“Our call to action isn’t based on his one request for more tax credits. In recent months he called the British hero of the Thai cave rescue a pedophile, released a limited-edition flamethrower, smoked pot in an interview, and publicly announced his ideas to privatize Tesla with Saudi investors over Twitter—thus triggering a government investigation into the company—all while expecting the world to take him seriously.”

According to a new report from NERA Economic Consulting, household income will fall by several billion dollars in the next two years if lawmakers remove a cap on electric vehicle tax credits. Total personal income throughout all households will fall by $7 billion in 2020 and $12 billion if lawmakers allow automakers to receive more credits for electric vehicles.

Tesla reached its cap on tax credits in July. Since, Musk has suggested the company go public—even hinting at Saudi Arabia buying Tesla. His donors are confused, and American taxpayers are still forking over billions of their hard-earned cash. However, Musk still has the nerve to ask Congress for more money from the American people—most of whom can hardly afford his products.

Citizens for the Republic is leading the fight to expose Elon’s disastrously ineffective government funded ventures with their campaign, #StopElonFromFailingAgain.com, which has received international attention for its work.

“Elon Musk has received too many hard-earned American dollars. Why should taxpayers have to force over any more of their hard-earned money to fulfill his failing daydreams? And what has he really proven to Congress through his failures? If Elon truly believes he deserves more taxpayer funding we need cold, hard, legitimate medical proof that he is mentally stable,” said the CFTR spokesperson.

For more information on the #StopElonFromFailingAgain.com initiative, or to arrange an interview with a spokesperson from CFTR (@CFTR), please contact sselip@sbpublicaffairs.com.


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