25 Sep

Please Stop SpaceX Before They Say Something Ignorant Again


ALEXANDRIA, VA—  Earlier this month, Elon Musk’s chief operating officer, Gwynne Shotwell, confirmed to the Air Force Association’s annual symposium that SpaceX is very comfortable sending weapons into space, even calling their new “Big F%**ing Rocket” (BFR)  “a potent weapon in future U.S. military operations.” 

Today, Citizens for the Republic (CFTR) is denouncing, in the strongest terms, SpaceX for their willingness to transport weapons of war into space. 

While the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, “prohibits the testing and deployment of any kind of weapon on the moon or the other celestial bodies,” it does not ban the placement of weapons in general, only nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. This loophole could lead to the unprecedented weaponizing of space. 

When President John F. Kennedy, in his famous 1963 speech and Rice University, outlined America’s vision for space exploration, he declared: “We have vowed that we shall not see it [Space] governed by a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner of freedom and peace.”

“America entered the space race, specifically to ensure that space never became a war zone. Miss. Shotwell’s, and SpaceX’s, casual willingness to opening the world to a new dimension of terror and violence proves that the bottom line for SpaceX is their bottom line,” said CFTR in a statement today.

“For years, SpaceX supporters have justified their subsidies as necessary for exploration and scientific advancement, yet now we see irrefutable proof that SpaceX is just another corporation that’s in it for the money, regardless of what it costs. They have every right to their greediness, but America shouldn’t be subsidizing it.” 


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