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21 Sep

The Washington Post – Obama’s legacy: Mourning in America

This is the thinking behind a powerful new anti-Barack Obama ad that seeks to tap not the nation’s anger but its sadness. “Mourning in America,” which is hitting the...

21 Sep

In the Right – Mourning in America

Ronald Reagan proved that strong, principled leadership — based on a belief in the traditional American values of individual liberty and limited government — could lead a nation out...

21 Sep

The Globe and Mail – A civil (and devastating) political ad

It’s generally acknowledged that, along with LBJ’s “Daisy Girl,” Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” – which used the presidency of Jimmy Carter as its jumping off point – was...

21 Sep

Politics Daily – ‘Mourning in America’ Recalls Ronald Reagan’s Famous Ad

In 1984, Ronald Reagan’s re-election was helped along by his now-famous series of television ads, which proclaimed it “Morning in America” and struck a sunny, optimistic chord with the...

21 Sep

The Huffington Post, Huff Post Hill

Also the conservative Citizens for the Republic has debuted “Mourning in America,” a play on Ronald Reagan’s iconic “Morning in America” spot from his 1984 reelection campaign.

21 Sep

Real Clear Politics — This Time, It’s ‘Mourning in America’

Citizens for the Republic, a conservative grass-roots lobbying group, plans to release a stark, one-minute ad on Wednesday called “Mourning in America,” a play on the 1984 ad for...

21 Sep

Citizens For The Republic Ad: “Mourning In America”

“There’s mourning in America. Under the leadership of President Obama, our country is fading and weaker and worse off. His policies were a grand experiment, policies that failed. This...

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