Citizens for the Republic (CFTR) is a national organization dedicated to revitalizing the conservative movement.

Through education, grassroots organization, advocacy, and political activism, CFTR promotes the principles of limited government, maximum freedom, personal responsibility, peace through strength, and defense of the dignity of every individual. These are the ideas that Ronald Reagan championed when he founded the original CFTR in 1977 to make conservatism a vibrant political force.


The goals of Citizens for the Republic are Threefold.

Reestablish American Conservatism

First, to reestablish conservatism as the organizing principle of the Republican Party.

Speak Out

Second, to speak out for you both in Washington and across the nation. Testifying before Congress, appearing on television shows, radio programs, having a strong presence on the Internet—all in all, standing up to those liberals who would take away our freedoms, our rights and our hard-earned money.

Protect America

Third, to lobby the government to protect the American taxpayer by undertaking grassroots initiatives to stop the advance of liberal government.

All in all, to act, as Reagan once said, “worthy of ourselves” by protecting and pursuing those principles and values we hold dear; and which this nation has always held dear but are now under assault by the liberal forces in government, in the colleges and universities and in Hollywood. Citizens for the Republic will stand as a bulwark defending all that we hold dear: our freedoms, our families, our rights, our privacy, our individuality, and our dignity.