reaganflagIn January of 1977, Ronald Reagan launched Citizens for the Republic.

CFTR was his political action committee designed to advance the conservative cause at a time when it seemed as if the ideology of less government, more freedom and the dignity of the private individual was in danger of being permanently abandoned in America.

Through CFTR, Reagan led the way for a Republican revival by making it the party of small government, a strong foreign policy and renewed liberty. Reagan took the tired, run-down GOP and turned it into a vibrant political force which drew sustenance from the millions of conservative Americans who believed in these principles.

Today, the belief that man’s freedom comes from God and not the State is once again in danger of being extinguished in America. Once again, the Republican Party is in danger of extinction.

CFTR now works to renew the conservative movement with new thinking and new ideas. We need policy solutions, not just criticism. We need principled candidates, not GOP establishment moderates. We need the boldness and clarity of vision that Reagan had.

Ours is an effort fueled from the ground up — from the people, not from the establishment in Washington, applying the conservative political philosophy of Reagan—as well as Bill Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Thomas Jefferson, and many others–to the current problems facing our country.

Our fights are many:

  • CFTR continues to fight leftist, big government elites.
  • CFTR continues to fight those who use good conservative principles to bad ends.
  • CFTR continues to fight for the rights and privacy of the individual.