14 Dec

CFTR Lauds Pence For Opposition To Tax Deal

Reaganites Recognize “Principled Leadership” ALEXANDRIA, VA – Citizens for the Republic (www.cftr.org) – a 501(C)(4) conservative grassroots lobbying organization reborn under the leadership of Reagan stalwarts – today lauded...

13 Dec

Right Escalates Opposition To Tax Deal

CFTR Leads Coalition Statement Opposing Lame Duck “Spend, Borrow, Earmark Deal” ALEXANDRIA, VA – Citizens for the Republic (www.cftr.org) – a 501(C)(4) conservative grassroots lobbying organization reborn under the...

12 Dec

Washington Times – Democrats not pleased with deal on estate taxes

Sen. Bernard Sanders‘ impassioned eight-hour speech Friday, slamming President Obama’s tentative tax-cut deal with Republicans, directed some of his sharpest attacks at the plan’s provisions to tax dead people’s...

09 Dec

Right Rises Against Tax Deal

With Immoral Estate Tax Reinstated and only Two-Year Extension of Tax Cuts, CFTR Calls on House Republicans To Vote Against Compromise ALEXANDRIA, VA – Citizens for the Republic (www.cftr.org)...

27 Sep

LA Times – As Obama hits the campaign trail, ad greets him, recalling the Reagan era

These videos pretty much speak for themselves. The first one is the classic “Morning in America” ad that helped ensure Ronald Reagan’s overwhelming reelection in 1984 over some Democrat...

23 Sep

Powerline – Mourning in America

This ad, produced by Citizens for the Republic, packs a punch. It recalls Ronald Reagan’s famous “Morning In America” ad, but in a minor key.

23 Sep

Wall Street Journal Online – Group Updates Iconic Reagan Ad

A conservative advocacy group that includes a number of Reagan administration hands has updated the 40th president’s iconic TV spot, “Morning in America.” Times and targets have changed, so...

23 Sep

Politifact.com – “Mourning in America” ad echoing Reagan classic gets its numbers right

On Sept. 21, 2010, a group called Citizens for the Republic unveiled a television ad called “Mourning in America,” that mirrored, right down to its understated visuals and narration,...

23 Sep

Politics Daily – Copycats Beware: Morning in America Can’t be Replicated

A conservative group, Citizens for the Republic, misses the mark when it evokes the Reagan era with a 60-second commercial dubbed “Mourning in America,” a gloomy recitation of economic...

22 Sep

Hot Air – Mourning in America

Simply brutal — and yet not at all angry, which is quite an achievement for a political ad. How brutal is it? Brutal enough to turn Kathleen Parker against...

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